About Us

We are Donald Gow and Mary Howden

We love Scotland and have cycled all the tours we provide. We have cycled in many other countries and believe that Scotland has some of the best cycling and scenery in the world. We want to share our knowledge and passion for Scotland as well as help you explore it and have a fantastic holiday.

We believe cycling should be fun and enjoyable with stops to look at and enjoy your surroundings. As well as plenty of coffee and cake stops or a beer and crisps stop if you prefer. If you need to get off your bike to push it up a steep hill then that is fine with us. If you have had enough cycling and want to stop we will make sure you get to your destination. If you want to get your head down and log up those miles then we are probably not the company for you. 

Donald is a fully trained bike mechanic so can sort out your bike if there are any problems. He has extensive experience leading groups of young people in the outdoors and he never panics if things don't always go right. He is practical and can usually find a way to fix most things!

Mary is a good organiser and she will ensure that your holiday runs smoothly. Mary will make sure your accommodation is booked, the support vehicle will be there if needed and your baggage taken to the next stop. All you will need to do is enjoy your holiday.